Tim Peel fires back at “despicable” comment from Jack Edwards

The controversial former referee has entered the chat!

Michael W.

Outgoing Boston Bruins commentator Jack Edwards went into one of his trademark irate outburst during last night's game, shouting that referee Steve Kozri was a "coward" for refusing to explain to defenseman Charlie McAvoy why he was whistled for a penalty. 

"McAvoy is seeking an explanation from Steve Kozari, and Kozari is the first official to exit the ice," Edwards exclaimed. "Coward!"

Controversial former NHL referee Tim Peel, who was dismissed by the League in 2021 after he was caught on a hot-mic bragging about whistling a penalty because he "wanted to", has been active on social media since then and decided to weigh in on Edwards' comments. 

He wrote the following on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account in response to the outspoken Bruins commentator: 

"I think Jack Edwards may be having some health issues and I sympathize with that. But calling Referee #40 Steve Kozari a coward is despicable. Kozari was carried off on a stretcher 3 weeks ago in Pittsburg in a collision with Hayden Fleury of #GoBolts Last year he fat shamed Pat Maroon. Very sad Jack!"

And following in the long and glorious tradition of immediate sparring in response to a personal viewpoint being shared on social media, the responses to Peel began pouring in - with many referencing his termination from the NHL. Naturally, Peel felt the need to defend himself from the onslaught of pushback he received. 

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Source: Twitter