Time for an ultimatum in Ottawa!

Will Boucher get fired after tonight's game?

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We would prefer to write something than what has been said for the past 20 games of the Ottawa Senators, but the Sens are currently on their way to losing yet another contest, tonight as they are behind against the Boston Bruins. 

Now, many trade options have been studies, suggested and tried in Ottawa but, James Gordon of The Athletic will tell you it's not the only way to create significant changes in the Senators' dressing room. 

In his recent article, Gordon suggests giving head coach Guy Boucher an ultimatum. 

"Without this, the Senators will just waste the next four months treading water and miss an opportunity to gain useful information about what they have in the system. Boucher's reluctance to give the Senators' young players a legitimate opportunity to show what they can do is an endless source of frustration to the fan base and it's counterproductive for the organization.

"The Senators are in reset mode, and they need a coach who can get on the same page."

The question remains, when will GM Pierre Dorion give his coach this ultimatum, or will he? Will he simply fire him and start 2018 with a new coach behind the bench?

What would you want to see happen to Boucher?