Tkachuk and Chariot both accused of wrongdoings in fight!

Do you agree with these accusations?


Things started on the wrong foot for the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday night, when the Ottawa Senators took an early 2-0 lead in the game. 

It appeared to anger defenseman Ben Chariot, who started pushing and shoving Senators’ Brady Tkachuk in the corner. And we all know the forward isn’t going to get pushed around and so he answered with his fists. 

The two players got into a fight that should have ended quickly as Chariot fell to the ice, however, Tkachuk kept punching him once he was down. 

That’s what fans are accusing him of. 

As for Chariot, fans are accusing him of provoking a fight and looking awful in it while his team needed a boost and not a Debbie downer. He ended up leaving the ice with a bloody nose and a humiliated look. 

Check out the fight and tell us what you think: