Tkachuk appears to pull Holl’s hair in heated fight!

What a crazy fight!

Tkachuk appears to pull Holl’s hair in heated fight!

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames are having one heck of a game on Friday night. And they will meet again tomorrow night. Very promising. Things have heated up every in the game, and finally the cap blew off in the second period as Flames’ Matthew Tkachuk dropped the gloves with Maple Leafs’ Justin Holl. Moments before, Holl caught star forward Johnny Gaudreau with a hard hit on the boards. 

The two players got into it with feisty blows that ended up on a weird note. As both men continued to punched one another as they fell to the ice, it seemed like Tkachuk was pulling Holl’s hair. 

It might have been an accident, but fans on social media surely noticed. Here is the fight: 

Fans also noticed that the Flames' controversial forward challenged Holl, skated away and then attacked him while his back was turned and was picking up his gloves from the ice.

Unfortunately for Tkachuk, he left the ice and headed to the dressing room after the altercation. Maybe it’s karma for pulling on a man’s hair? He did return to sit in the penalty box moments later. 

What do you think?