Todd Bertuzzi booked in Oakland County Jail.

Bertuzzi booked in the early hours of the morning.


I have some unfortunate news to report, although thankfully there do appear to be some early signs that would suggest this is not too serious.

A rumor began circulating online on Saturday suggesting that former National Hockey League forward Todd Bertuzzi had been arrested in Oakland California, but at the time it appeared to be nothing more than a rumor. Now however after some digging through the Oakland County Jail's registry I have been able to confirm that Bertuzzi was indeed booked in the very early hours of Saturday morning, at 3:35 am to be exact.

I don't have any of the details regarding why Bertuzzi was booked into the Oakland County Jail and from what I have been able to gather at this time he has not been formally charged by law enforcement. There are rumors suggesting that the unknown charges are pending arraignment, but I am currently unaware of when that arraignment is expected to take place or if it will even take place at all. 

I will speculate a little here, the fact that Bertuzzi was booked at 3:35 am and given the bloodshot look in his eyes in the mug shot published by the Oakland County Jail, I suspect that alcohol may have been a factor here. That is pure speculation at this time, but you can take a look at the information from the Oakland County Jail and reach your own conclusions. 

Here is a close up of the mugshot:

I stated earlier that there are a few factors here that lead me to believe this was not some sort of major crime on the part of Bertuzzi, with the first of those being the fact that he does not appear to have been formally charged. The fact that Bertuzzi was also released from custody just a little over 9 hours after being booked by law enforcement also suggests to me that this incident was not a particularly serious one. 

This situation reads a lot to me like one in which a guy may have had a few too many and had to spend the night sleeping it off in the drunk tank, but again that is only speculation on my part at this time so take that with a grain of salt.