Todd Bertuzzi: Canucks lack “balls” and willingness to “pay the price”

The former NHLer calls out his former team a bit and offers up some advice ahead of tonight’s crucial game against the Wild.

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The Vancouver Canucks aren’t technically in “must win” territory for tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild but, trying tell that to this team and its fans. The Canucks, of course, are down 1-0 in their opening round, best of five, Qualifying Series against the Wild after a 3-0 loss in Game One.

While stars Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser Quinn Hughes both looked strong for the Canucks in Game One, the team’s supporting staff did very little to generate offense for the team. Vancouver radio has been full of armchair coaches and general managers in the 24 hours since the team’s loss and everyone and their brother seems to have a solution. You know who I’m interested in hearing from though? How about someone with over 1,100 NHL games under his belt? How about a Canucks legend like Todd Bertuzzi? I’m much more inclined to listen to Big Bert than Troy from White Rock or Bik from North Van.

Bertuzzi joined Sportsnet 650’s Scott Rintoul this morning and laid it all out for the Canucks and there fans. When asked by Rintoul what the Canucks need to do differently tonight in order to win, Bert summed it up like only he can.

Check it out:

“It’s easy, you move your feet and you get to the net. You pay the price and that’s how you do it. Everyone can do it, it’s just a matter of the will and balls in order to get to the net… and it’s something that I think everyone is capable of doing.”
“Vancouver’s a very fast team, they can take a hit and get back to the play quick. I think they just have to get back to that and I think they just have to keep overshooting. From the first game, Minnesota looked like an older, veteran team who… knew what they were expecting, but I’m expecting a better game from the Canucks tonight.”

Sage advice advice for a game who has been there and done that. Specifically, what made Bertuzzi such an effective player was his net front presence and his patience and skill while in tight against goaltenders and defenders. While he's not exactly everyone's cup of tea, the guy knows what he's talking about.