Todd Bertuzzi will leave the States if Biden gets elected tonight!

Huge statement!

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Todd Bertuzzi is currently trending in Canada on social media and that’s because he made the bold statement on Tuesday morning on the air of on Sportsnet 650’s morning show, the Starting Lineup with hosts James Cybulski and Perry Solkowski that he will move back to Vancouver if Joe Biden wins the US Presidential Election.

“I tell you, it’s interesting times, especially for a Canadian living here,” said Bertuzzi. “I’ve been here for, I don’t know, about 15 years, 20 years total, and I’ve never seen anything like this. At some points in time, it’s a little bit terrifying — boarding up stores and all this kind of stuff… The U.S. is in a difficult time right now and hopefully, people get out there and vote and we put the right person in place.”
“I plan on living here unless someone gets in the presidency and I feel like I’m ready to go back to Canada,” said Bertuzzi. 

He then might have realized he was taking a strong political stance and added:  “I’m always ready to go back to Canada.”

Bertuzzi spent seven seasons in Vancouver as a member of the Canucks, but also moved between teams before landing with the Detroit Red Wings for five seasons to end his NHL career. That’s where he still lives today. 

The former NHLer hopes that when the “right guy” gets elected that it will lead to “some kind of normality,” but there’s a clear fear that things could get even more divisive after the election. 

And he’s right on that, who knows what will come next. But Bertuzzi still has it to get people reacting to what he does. We all remember THE incident that still has folks talking about Bertuzzi. 

All the way back in March of 2004 fans were witness to a rather chaotic incident during a game between the Canucks and the Colorado Avalanche, one that would result in a career ending injury for Avalanche forward Steve Moore. Bertuzzi was out on the ice looking to fight Moore after the latter had injured Vancouver Canucks veteran Markus Naslund with a hit to the head, one that left Naslund out of the lineup for three games due to a concussion. Moore refused to fight Bertuzzi and that resulted in the big Canuck taking matters into his own hands, sucker punching Moore from behind and then driving him face first into the ice. The incident left Moore unconscious on the ice for 10 minutes and eventually a stretcher was brought out to carry him off of the ice and rushed to hospital. Moore suffered a number of serious injuries as a result of the incident including three fractured neck vertebrae, facial cuts and a concussion and this would all eventually lead to both a criminal and civil trial against Bertuzzi, a source of much controversy at this time and apparently still a source of a great deal of controversy today.

Maybe he thinks it’s better to get involved in politics now…