Toews steps up big time to support Chicago families affected by COVID-19

A born leader. Kudos to Toews for setting a remarkable example.

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Most of the news coming out of the NHL this past week has been… well we’ll call it disappointing. 

Yesterday afternoon Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs laid off over 2,000 employees without pay, despite having a net worth of nearly $4 billion. Paying out his employees for the balance of the 2019-20 season would have cost him 0.02 of his net worth… yet he kicks them out on the streets.

Not to be outdone, Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon laid off his staff with just two days notice, informing employees just yesterday that they won’t be paid past Friday.

Again… it’s been a disappointing news week…

Well, now you can thank Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews for injecting some good news into the hockey world. Toews, through his personal foundation, is donating $100,000 to the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund.

Check it out:

A class act. But really… should we be surprised?

Toews has been a class act since he entered the NHL as a teenager and has established himself as truly one of the greatest leaders in NHL history. More than that, he’s established himself as a leader in Chicago sports and today’s donation is just another example in a long list of selfless moves that the Blackhawks’ captain has made over the years. Kudos, Captain.