Tom Wilson banned for multiple games!

Another lengthy suspension for Wilson!



The NHL Department of Player Safey has once again come down hard on Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson.

Minutes ago, it was ruled that he has been suspended for six games following his brutal high sticking infraction on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor earlier this week at Capital One Arena. 

In their video announcement, the NHL Department of Player Safety stated that Wilson swung his stick in "reckless fashion".

“Wilson’s actions on this play are fully under his own control, irresponsible and not related to any sort of legitimate hockey action," the league said. “He is accountable for the dangerous result of the play, which is a direct and forceful blow to an opponent’s head by a player with a substantial track record of supplemental discipline.”

This is just the latest incident in Wilson's career that has drawn the wrath of the NHL, as he's been suspended multiple times. He'll forfeit $161,458 in salary, and miss Washington's upcoming matchups against the Winnipeg Jets, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres

“Huge absence in our lineup,”coach Spencer Carbery said after the morning skate today. “I don’t need to go into length about what he provides our team from a leadership standpoint, veteran presence standpoint, what he does on the ice.”

In the 66 games that he's played in this season, Wilson has scored 17 goals with 15 assists. Next season, he'll be starting a hefty seven year, $45.5 million deal.

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