Tom Wilson drills Ivan Provorov with dirty check, could face suspension!

Tom Wilson strikes again!

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There are a lot of fans claiming that Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has changed his ways, isn’t the dirty player he once was… 

Well, he proved them wrong on Thursday during the round robin game against the Philadelphia Flyers. 

In the first five minutes of the contest, Wilson steamrolled Ivan Provorov from behind off the faceoff. The Caps forward saw nothing but numbers but did not let up.

While he was given a minor penalty for boarding on the play, he started trending on social media as many believe he should face suspension. 

Provorov managed to stay in game, which could help Wilson’s case. Wilson’s most recent suspension was Sep. 2018, which technically does not make him a “repeat offender”, but his past will be taken into account if he does find himself in trouble again.

Wilson clearly wasn’t happy with the call, but you have to admit it looked avoidable and dangerous. 

When will we be able truly believe him when he says he has changed his game?