Tom Wilson gives Brandon Carlo an ugly concussion with brutal hit to the head

You can see the Bruin’s pain…


In the last moments of the first period in the game between the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins on Friday night, there was a lot of action and hits and unfortunately a dirty one made its way into the contest. 

The Bruins’ defenseman was close to the boards when Caps’ Tom Wilson - yes him - came rushing in with a heavy hit, catching Carlo in the head. 

As soon as he was hit, poor Carlo lifted his hands to his heads, in true signs of a concussion and looked wobbly as the trainer tended to him. 

He left the game and it was announced just before the second period that he would not return. 

Here is the dirty hit, for which Wilson was not penalized. While his play has cleaned up recently, it looks like he’s back to his old antics and he could have to pay for this one. Check it out: 

Before the start of the second period, Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron skated over to Wilson and had a few words with him. I would have loved to be a fly on the ice... 

Then, new Bruins defenseman Jarred Tinordi went over and dropped the gloves with Wilson, to make him pay, but also to prove to his new teammates he deserves to be on this team. 

In the third period, it was Trent Frederic's turn at Wilson. They dropped the gloves as Frederic forced him to fight. All after Wilson. Will the NHL's Department of Safety join in?