Tom Wilson launches new business that perfectly suits his style of play

Once a face puncher, always a face puncher.

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Washington Capitals power forward Tom Wilson is one of the most feared men in the NHL. The controversial enforcer has made a career out of bullying the opposition with big hits and he’s not afraid to drop the gloves and throw down if needed. Maybe that’s why it should come as no surprise that he’s decided to invest in a boxing gym with some of his brand new $31 million contract.

According to Rebecca Copper of the Washington Business Journal, the 26-year-old Wilson is now a partner in Bash Boxing, a local boxing studio located in Arlington, Virginia, just four miles away from the Capital’s home Capital One Arena.

Wilson’s no stranger to fisticuffs, but he made sure to downplay his role as on-ice enforcer… that’s not what Bash Boxing is about.

“Obviously there’s times that I get into fights on the ice, but that’s not what Bash is about at all. It truly is a good workout. It’s non-contact. It’s fun, intense, social, and you really leave with a good feeling.”

 Wilson has used boxing as a way to stay in shape during the offseason and became interested in the company after meeting with the Bash Boxing team.

"I’ve built a relationship with a good part of the team. I knew pretty much everyone beforehand,” said Wilson.

"Now that I signed with the team and D.C.’s become my home, it seems like good timing to get on board with a local business and one that I was excited about."

The company currently has two locations in the DC area and plans on opening two more sometime in 2020.