Tony DeAngelo accused of mistreating Rangers rookie K'Andre Miller.

This is disturbing.


Now that the New York Rangers have seemingly reached the point of no return when it comes to controversial defenseman Tony DeAngelo, more and more sources are coming forward and providing details on how exactly we got this far.

Although we now know that there was a physical altercation that took place on Saturday night between DeAngelo and Rangers goaltender Alexandar Georgiev, it would seem that even this is merely scratching the surface of all that has led up to DeAngelo being placed on waivers on Sunday. The latest on this story comes to us courtesy of Blue Shirt Banter's Adam Herman, and I have to admit that if this latest bit of information is in fact true it sounds like it could irreparably damage DeAngelo's career. 

Herman cites 3 sources that have independently confirmed that DeAngelo's treatment of Rangers rookie K'Andre Miller became a point of concern within the Rangers organization, with Herman stating that this concern had reached various levels of the organization. Thus far we have only one example of this behavior that has been provided by these sources, but I must admit that it does paint DeAngelo like a complete jerk at the bare minimum.

According to the source one of the incidents that caused this concern to arise was when DeAngelo reportedly took the puck from Miller's first goal in the NHL and kept it for himself. Although there is no way to prove this to be true, you can in fact find video of DeAngelo fishing the puck from Miller's first goal out of the net. 

If DeAngelo was in fact treating his younger teammates in such a fashion, I can see why he would have drawn the ire of other members of the Rangers locker room. In fact it sounds like DeAngelo's problems with Georgiev may have started even before the two men played together on the Rangers. In fact their issues may date as far back as the 2017 - 2018 season when the two men were members of the Hartford Wolf Pack together. 

Deangelo clashing with teammates is nothing new, he was disciplined for such behavior even as a teenager in the Ontario Hockey League, and unfortunately it seems like time and age have done little to temper those issues.

Update: Miller's agent and a source within the Rangers have issued a pretty strong refutation of the report from Blue Shirts Banter. You can find more details here.