Tony DeAngelo jumps to teammate's defense after blogger suggests trading him

DeAngelo tells blogger to “watch the games.”

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Tony DeAngelo, of the New York Rangers, wasn't having it when a blogger took to Twitter saying teammate Ryan Strome should be traded immediately. Rob Luker, who writes for, produced advanced stats showing Strome's shooting percentage since joining the Rangers is at 21.6 percent, way higher than his career average of 10.3 percent. Luker's assessment was the Rangers should sell high on Strome and trade him now as quickly as possible. 

"I get he's creating a little more this year, but [Rangers GM Jeff] Gorton should be actively trying to sell high ASAP," said Luker.

DeAngelo doesn't agree with that at all. Nor is he keen on advanced stats being used to show a player's value

I see these tweets all the time and it’s actually hilarious how people think that these charts are what everything should be based on. [Ryan Strome] has been one of our best players since being traded here last year. Watch the games.?

With six goals and 22 points in 22 games so far this season, Strome is easily on pace for a career year pretty much across the board. His best season so far was in 2014-15, when he managed 17 goals and 50 points with the New York Islanders. 

Advanced stats are definitely a great way to measure a player's worth. At the same time, it's awesome to see teammates stick up for each other. DeAngelo's response was well-received by many New York Rangers fans, who echoed his sentiment about watching the games to determine Strome's real value to the team.