Tony Deangelo waiver update.

A highly anticipated update.


New York Rangers defenseman Tony Deangelo now knows his fate. 

On Sunday the Rangers stunned many across the National Hockey League when they made the decision to place DeAngelo on the waiver wire, in theory making him available to be claimed by any opposing team. I think it is safe to say however that the Rangers were pretty confident that DeAngelo, who carries a relatively large cap hit at $4.8 million per season, would not be claimed on Monday and that bet has paid off. 

According to a report from National Hockey League insider Pierre LeBrun, DeAngelo has in fact cleared the waiver process and remains a New York Ranger for the foreseeable future. 

Even teams that would potentially be interested in acquiring DeAngelo are better served by passing on the waivers process and looking to offer the Rangers a trade, which is why I never believed he would be claimed. The entire league now knows that the Rangers will be looking to trade DeAngelo and no doubt they will be looking to acquire him at a discount, with either the Rangers retaining some of that $4.8 million salary or perhaps by sending some money back the other way in the trade.

DeAngelo was not the only waiver transaction on Monday however, the Edmonton Oilers have also made a transaction of their own by placing Stanley Cup Champion Alex Chiasson on waivers. 

As for what next comes for DeAngelo? No one really knows right now but it sounds like both the Rangers and DeAngelo's agent Pat Brisson are currently working on a solution together, something that suggests to me that a trade is almost inevitable at this point.