Tootoo's dropping bombs against Nashville's Preds already!

He's locked in on the target.

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For one Chicago Blackhawks, the prospect of facing his former team in the Nashville Predators has him relishing the opportunity. Hawks pugilist Jordin Tootoo isn’t one to hold back and he couldn’t pass up the chance to slam his former team when asked by reporters about the situation.


Tootoo broke into the NHL with the Predators and remained a staple of the team’s third and fourth lines for nine seasons before moving on to play for the Detroit Red Wings, New Jersey Devils and, now, the Blackhawks. In those nine seasons with Nashville, Tootoo and his former team actually bested the Blackhawks in their regular season series, going 27-22-1-4 (yes they had ties back then), but two devastating playoff losses to the Blackhawks has put the Predators firmly in the underdog position. 

Tootoo, an extremely physical player, could factor in what’s expected to be an extremely physical series. And, although there’s little chance he’d need it, facing his former team could provide him with an extra bit of motivation.