Top 3 most likely destinations for the Josh Ho-Sang trade.

Ho-Sang should soon be on the move.

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The Josh Ho-Sang saga has dragged out for a couple of weeks now but it sounds like we are likely to get a conclusion on the matter sooner rather than later. Earlier this week TSN insider Darren Dreger revealed that Ho-Sang was now training and skating in Toronto, Canada while he awaited a trade from the New York Islanders and additionally that Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello was actively working on finding a trade to acquiesce to the former 1st round picks demands.

Ho-Sang of course has long been a disappointing fixture of the Islanders organization, his immense talent was clear very early on but he has always been viewed as something of a problem child, and that has likely been the primary factor in why he has yet to be traded. The troubled forward recently was mentioned by legendary National Hockey League analyst Don Cherry on a segment of Coach's Corner and unfortunately for Ho-Sang the former NHL head coach did not have many kind words to share.

"This kid was the best player in the GTHL I ever saw and you know what, nobody wants him because of his attitude," said Cherry.

Which of course brings us to the question of where Ho-Sang could possibly end up, and his early and most successful years may be a good place to start: 

#1 Edmonton Oilers.

Ho-Sang made a name for himself playing alongside NHL superstar Connor McDavid during his years in the GTHL and there are many who feel a reunion between the two would be exactly what Ho-Sang needs to get his career back on track. Add to that the fact that there has been plenty of speculation that the Islanders could trade Ho-Sang, a troubled forward, for the Oilers own troubled forward in Jesse Puljujarvi and the Oilers become the clear favorite.

#2 Carolina Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes have been looking to bolster their forward depth and rumors have linked the Canes to both Ho-Sang and the aforementioned Jesse Puljujarvi. To be perfectly honest given Puljujarvi's connections to Hurricanes star Sebastian Aho I would suspect that Puljujarvi would be the prefered choice here for Carolina but Ho-Sang would bring some scoring depth to their organization, especially if he can turns things around.

#3 Ottawa Senators.

Admittedly this is a darkhorse and I must admit purely speculation on my part at this time. The Senators are a rebuilding team and have significant cap space with which to maneuver at this time and can afford to take a risk on a player like Ho-Sang, especially given that his value has likely never been lower. The Senators have seen a decline in ticket sales as well and although Ho-Sang would not be a blockbuster acquisition by any stretch of the imagination it could help bring some extra excitement to the rink for a fan base in desperate need of something to cheer for.