Top-5 destinations for Matt Duchene as we get closer to march 1st.

Which teams are the best fits for Duchene?

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Top-5 destinations for Matt Duchene as we get closer to march 1st.

Matt Larkin from The Hockey News dressed up his top-5 list of potential destinations for Matt Duchene as we get closer to march 1st. If some name like the Chicago Blackhawks are already known by everyone, some other like the Carolina Hurricanes might be a surprising for a few fans. You gotta keep in mind thought that the return for Matt Duchene's services has to be significant. HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT. Joe Sakic won't do another team a favor and give Duchene for a few used pucks. Here's the top 5 according to Matt Larkin and a reason why it might be plausible for Duchene to land there.

5) Chicago Blackhawks : "The Chicago Blackhawks need a left winger to play with Jonathan Toews yet again."

4) Anaheim Ducks : "The Ducks average the fewest goals of any team in either conference currently holding down a playoff position."

3) Montreal Canadiens : "the Canadiens owe it to their fan base to make a push. They lead the Atlantic, hockey’s weakest division, but have wilted in recent weeks."

2) Carolina Hurricanes : " The Canes are trending in the right direction, with strong analytics numbers. Sebastian Aho would be a Calder Trophy contender in most years but happens to be up against a fantastic rookie crop."

1) Nashville Predators : "What makes Duchene most likely to become a Predator is that Nashville has the best blend of need and willingness. Mike Fisher shouldn’t be a top-two center on any team calling itself a Stanley Cup contender."