Top candidate for Sabres' GM spot refuses the opportunity.

He had a huge opportunity to advance his career and he chose to skip.

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The Sabres went through a Spring cleanup session last month and both the GM Tim Murray and the coach Dan Bylsma were fired. Of course, fresh managers need to be hired and as usual, rumors are plentiful across the league. 

One of the top prospect to get the GM job used to be Michael Futa. After being named assistant general manager in Los Angeles, he was considered as a valid candidate for the spot but he chose to pass for this time. 

This decision doesn't come as a huge surprise considering the context. He was freshly promoted in the L.A. organization, which has a bit more potential than the Buffalo's one. On top of that, the ambiance seems a bit rocky these days in Buffalo and the next GM will need an iron fist to tame the multiple fires. 

The rumor mill is still spinning hard!