Top league mandates neck guards!

The additional protection is now mandatory.



The sports community continues to mourn the untimely passing of former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Adam Johnson. His tragic demise occurred following a devastating incident on the ice during a game in the Elite Ice Hockey League. Johnson sustained fatal injuries when accidentally struck by a falling opponent, causing severe damage to his neck that tragically proved too severe. 

And in the wake of the tragedy, neck guards are now mandatory in the IIHF. According to analyst Darren Dreger, the WJC's and the U18 WJC's are now requiring players to wear the additional protection: 

"The @IIHFHockey has agreed to make neck protection mandatory for the World Junior Hockey championship and the Men's U18 championship. A final decision still has to be made on the Men's and Women's World Hockey Championships."

The World Juniors officially begin in Sweden the day following Christmas, and will continue through January 5. 

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Source: Twitter