Torey Krug chirps teammate Brad Marchand on social media for Christmas

He must have missed him during the Holiday break…

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The Boston Bruins have great chemistry on and off the ice and, they finally managed to rack up a win before the start of the Holiday break when they defeated the Washington Capitals on Monday. 

Monday’s 7-3 home win over Washington was however just their second victory over the last 10 contests and the team is now coming out of the Christmas break with some needed momentum.

Defenseman Torey Krug decided to keep spirits up in the dressing room and posted an hilarious tweet to the NHL’s post. The league posted a picture of Bruins forward Brad Marchand staring at something on the ice, wondering what the pest could be looking at?

Krug chirped his teammate - as we all know he loves to do - and answered this to mock his buddy: 

“Up at Zdeno’s ankles!!”

Both players love to chirp at one another, especially when it comes to their height. 

However, according to the league’s website, both players stand at 5”9.

But we love to see them have fun and enjoy one another - even off the ice during the holidays.