Toronto media rips into Tavares, but Leafs fans are having NONE of it

Is JT the new whipping boy in Toronto?

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In case you missed it last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs managed to get past the Dallas Stars by a score of 5-3. 

Leafs forward William Nylander continued his torrid scoring pace, picking up his 24th goal of the season and his 5th goal in his past 5 games. It’s been a miraculous turnaround for Nylander this season after struggling last season when he joined the team mid-season. 

With 46 points in 51 games it seems like the angry Leafs media mob is off Nylander’s case… at least for now. Taking Nylander’s place though is captain John Tavares.

Social media and radio call-in shows were awash with criticism for Tavares last night with people calling him out for a perceived lack of effort. But… here’s the thing: Tavares has 21 points in his past 20 games.

Really? We’re going to call out a point per game player who is unquestionably the leader of his team? Sure, he hasn’t scored in four games, but he has 41 points in 44 games. He’d be his team’s leading scorer on 16 other NHL games. Can we chill?

Luckily, Leafs fans came out in support of their captain online. Check out some of these Tweets in support of JT: