Toronto rookie wants to be like his Leaf idols

Young player wants to make a difference

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As huge as the debut of Auston Matthews was, another Leaf rookie had a pretty solid start to his career.

Ok, so he was -2 with no points but Mitch Marner showed just how talented he was against the Senators. He had 6 shots and gave Leafs fans many samples of his talent.

Tonight Marner will play his first NHL home game at the ACC. Being from Markham, Ontario, tonight is a pretty big moment. He can truly say it is a home game and will most likely have tons of family and friends at the game.

Growing up a Leafs fan and seeing great Leafs like Doug Gilmour and Mats Sundin made him want to play in the NHL. Now he wants to continue to be a role model like those great Leafs were for him. Marner wants kids to look up to him like he looked up to Gilmour and Sundin. He wants kids to say they want to play in the NHL like their favorite player Mitch Marner.

There is a long way to go, but having the right mindset is the first step.