Toronto to increase tickets price to fight scalpers.

Get your wallets ready, it will cost you.

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In today's hockey, going to the arena for a game and filling your body with calories will set you back. A lot. Well, Toronto fans, you will pay even more for the privilege to see Auston Matthews score goals. 

According to a report, the team management plans on increasing the price for the season ticket holder significantly. About 7$ to 16$ a game, more precisely. If you prefer, that's between 287$ and 656$ for the season, not including the playoffs or the sales taxes. 

The reason given leaves people scratching their heads. “If we don’t price the tickets appropriately versus what the market is going to pay for them, guess what happens. The tickets don’t get cheaper. Just other guys make the money…and that doesn’t help your hockey team. That doesn’t help us get better.”, said David Hopkinson, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) chief commercial officer.

With the salary cap in place since the 2005-2006 season, the additional revenues will NOT improve the players on the ice. It's still curious to claim the price increase will help the team get better when it's the third highest valued team in the league at 1.1 billion. 

Their goal is to kill scalpers' profit margin so the second market dries off, fine. However, the team will overcharge ALL season ticket holder to fight scalpers. More realistically, we can understand that a 99.6% renewal rate of the season passes encourage steep price increases. 

Toronto fans, get a second mortgage ready, the next season is approaching fast!