Tortorella and Dubois get in explosive screaming match on the bench during the game!

​A huge problem in the Blue Jackets’ dressing room…

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We all know how vocal head coach John Tortorella can get behind the Columbus Blue Jackets’ bench. After the team took the lead in the qualifying series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the luck started to run out…

Auston Matthews was finally able to break the Joonas Korpisalo wall and take the lead in the game on Tuesday, and it might be getting to Torts’ temper. We cannot say exactly what happened but when forward Pierre-Luc Dubois returned to the bench, he faced an angry Torts who simply went off on him. 

Dubois couldn’t handle it anymore and talked back to his head coach, who completely lost it and did not appreciate his player’ nerve to respond. 

Check it out: 

Tortorella is known to be on Dubois’ case… we can’t really explain it. Earlier this season, the head coach called him out, wanting him to raise his level of compete. 

“With Luc, it’s all competing,” Tortorella said. “He came back from the (mandated break in January) and played two or three really good games, as far as his level of compete. If he loses that, which I think he has, he becomes ordinary. … I believe he’s going to find himself. It’s that important to the team.”

We don’t know what Torts wanted this time but it sure got under Dubois’ skin…