Tortorella embarrasses reporter with hilarious answer.

Tortorella embarrasses reporter with hilarious answer.

John Tortorella has always has a contentious relationship with the media... some things never change.

Jonathan Larivee

Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella has always had something of a contentious relationship with the media. Over the years we have often seen Tortorella butt heads with members of the media, with perhaps his most infamous clashes coming with Larry Brooks of the New York Post.

While Brooks might be the most famous of Tortorella's sparring partners in the media he certainly isn't the only one, and on Sunday Tortorella once again provided us with some unintentional comedy when his contentious relationship with the media was once again put on full display.

Following a 4-1 loss to the Florida Panthers on Sunday, Tortorella was asked during his post game media conference about the play of goaltender Felix Sandstrom. Sandstrom had a pretty abysmal game, stopping just 11 of the 14 shots he faced on his way to a .786 save percentage. It was clear that the Flyers head coach wasn't happy with how his goaltender had performed, but no one could have expected his answer.

As the reporter asked the question, Tortorella simply shrugged and threw his arms up in frustration several times. When the question was over Tortorella appeared to stare off into space for a brief moment before simply walking away from the podium with nothing to say.

It's not clear if Tortorella was more frustrated with the reporter's question or with Sandstrom's play in net, but either way it made for a hilarious scene in the post-game press conference.