Tortorella says “no hesitation” for Flyers at the trade deadline.
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Tortorella says “no hesitation” for Flyers at the trade deadline.

The head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers leaves no doubt about the direction of his team.

Jonathan Larivee

The Philadelphia Flyers have overachieved this season in the eyes of most pundits, and that has left the team in a very interesting position heading into the final stretch of the regular season, coming off the heels of the National Hockey League's All-Star Weekend.

The Flyers currently find themselves in third in the Metropolitan Division standings and as a result have put themselves in position to make a realistic push for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a difficult situation to navigate for a team in the middle of a rebuild. That being said if there was any doubt about the direction the Flyers were moving in this spring, Flyers head coach John Tortorella erased those doubts over the weekend when he made it clear that his team was open for business.

Tortorella was adamant that the Flyers would remain focused on the long term goal in spite of their recent run of success.

"We're kind of in a situation that a lot of people didn't think we would be in," admitted Tortorella. "We're starting our last 32 games here, last third of the season, and we're looking to try to do the things we want to do to get where we want to be. But also, we're not backing off at all as far as what we're trying to do with the organization in the big picture, too, as far as rebuilding."

Tortorella even went a step further and played a little bit of armchair general manager, indicating that the Flyers were very much willing to move players out for assets that will help the team further down the line.

"I think they'll be some conversations with Danny as far as what about this guy, that guy," added Tortorella. "Those are questions we have to take. We have to listen to. And I don't want to speak out of turn with Danny, but it it's a situation where it's a really good asset that comes back, it's going to happen. We cannot lose sight of we're doing here."

Tortorella would go yet another step further when he indicated that the team would show "no hesitation" at the trade deadline, even when it comes to players that have played pivotal roles for the Flyers this season.

"The other stuff that comes (around), when you get near the deadline - you see deals are being made now. Those are things that the organization will listen to, I'm sure," admitted Tortorella. "Have discussions. If it's the proper asset that's coming back, and we're going to lose one of the players that are a big part of this in building this right now and where we are this season, there will be no hesitation."