Total lack of class from Leafs fan caught on camera.

Total lack of class from Leafs fan caught on camera.

A Toronto Maple Leafs fan showed a complete lack of respect and it was all caught on camera.

Jonathan Larivee

You hate to see this kind of behavior anywhere, but especially coming from members of the hockey community during a National Hockey League game.

A video that shows a disgusting lack of class from a pair of apparent Toronto Maple Leafs fans is quickly making the rounds on social media, with the men behind the video being widely ridiculed for having the audacity to post the video.

In the video an overweight fan wearing a very snug fitting Maple Leafs jersey can be seen stealing a leather hat off the head of an older fan sitting one row below. The theft presumably came after Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews scored his hat trick, with the overweight fan throwing the leather hat onto the ice without being prompted to do so by the owner of the hat.

At first the older fan turns around to try and get a better idea of where his hat has gone and he can be seen grinning from ear to ear as he enjoys himself at the game. Sadly once he realizes what has happened, the expression on his face and his body language change dramatically.

The overweight fan tries to pass the blame onto the camera man, although it's clear both the camera man the overweight fan orchestrated this together, with the older fan simply describing them accurately as "f***ing a**holes."

Thankfully this video is getting a ton of attention so hopefully the Maple Leafs will do the right thing and at least try to get this poor man his hat back. Something tells me the two other men won't receive a very warm reception in the future at Scotiabank Arena if they are ever recognized.