Trade Alert: Leafs acquire Clarkson in trade with Vegas

Ummm…. WHAT!? Elliotte Friedman with a bomb!

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This just in... take a deep breath because it's a doozy...

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly in the process of acquiring forward (and former Leafs player) David Clarkson from the Vegas Golden Knights.

Um... what!?!

Check it out:

So, the Leafs acquire Clarkson and his $5.25 million contract and a 4th round pick in exchange for backup goalie Garret Spark.

UPDATE: Annnnnd it's official!

Clarkson has just one year left on his deal and will undoubtedly play out the rest of his contract on long-term injury reserve. In effect this was a way for the Leafs to offload Sparks in exchange for a 4th round pick. But... why take on Clarkson? Couldn't Sparks fetch a pick without needing to do Vegas a favor? Odd deal all around.

Clarkson, who signed a monster seven year, $36+ million deal with the Leafs back in the 2013 NHL offseason was a colossal flop during his time with the Leafs and was dumped to the Columbus Blue Jackets less thank two seasons into his deal.