Trade brewing between Wild and Canucks; and it’s not about Bo Horvat!

Open house in Vancouver, and the Wild might walk out with a huge piece!

Published 8 months ago
Trade brewing between Wild and Canucks; and it’s not about Bo Horvat!
Canucks / Twitter

So much is happening in Vancouver and a lot revolves around Canucks’ captain Bo Horvat being a coveted piece in the upcoming trade deadline. However, another forward may land on the block ahead of March 3rd, and it sounds like the Minnesota Wild might already set its sight on him.

According to Pierre LeBrun and Michael Russo of The Athletic, Brock Boeser is likely to be moved as the Canucks seek to clear the entirety of Boeser’s cap hit from their books.

Remember: major surgery is coming.

It is believed by the insiders that the Wild has spoken to the Canucks about Boeser, but there is a significant issue in the mix. The Wild might not be able to make it work cap-wise without Vancouver retaining salary, and we all got that management in Vancouver is hoping to get rid of all of it. This could mean that this trade brewing could last all season long and only get done in the offseason to move him when teams have more cap room.

Here is what LeBrun said on Boeser on Wednesday:

“Word is that teams keep poking around on Brock Boeser and are exploring it in a more realistic manner. I don’t think anything is imminent, but teams are giving it more thought and trying to see how they could make it work.

The Wild have talked to Vancouver about it, and Boeser returning to his home state would be a good story, but it doesn’t sound like Minnesota feels it can make it work cap-wise.”

It would be a great move for the Wild to bring home Boeser, who has surpassed 20 goals in a season four times in his career and, even after his slow start, is on pace to come close to that mark again.

Boeser only just signed his current three-year contract with the Canucks back in July, but could leave before the first year of it is even over…

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