Trade Rumor : Highly rumored player “has pulled plug” on twitter he says.

He is certainly missing out on good stuff.

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Trade Rumor : Highly rumored player has pulled plug on twitter he says.

Two things make the trade deadline a nightmare for players. One thing is when the rumor is directly pointing at you and your name is stated all over the internet. The second one is when you can speak French and your name is linked to the Montreal Canadiens. Alex Burrows currently qualified himself in these two categories.

"I've cut out my Twitter" Burrows said.

"I've cut off TSN and Canadians websites. I watch ESPN right now. I'm more aware of Charles Oakley incident and what happened in the NBA last night (than the NHL). I'm a huge sports fan; I have to follow sports. But right now, I'm staying away from anything where my name could be."

By march 1st, everything will be behind him either he's a Canadians or a Canucks (or any other team member).