Trade Rumors: NHL veteran in danger of being shipped...AGAIN!

History might repeat itself...

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We’re a little more than a month away from the opening of the 2017-18 season, and already players are caught up in the rumor mill, sitting ready on the trade block.

Matt Larkin of The Hockey News has revealed the names of 10 trade candidates for the upcoming campaign, and though some have been mentioned throughout the summer, others are just getting started to get dizzy in the mill! 

Fans will understand more clearly why the New Jersey Devils offered a one-year deal to forward Drew Stafford.

"Just as Stafford got shipped to Boston for last year’s playoffs, he’ll get dealt for a low pick to plug a hole on a new team for the 2018 post-season," Larkin explains. 

The best years of Stafford are behind him, but he can still be a middle-six forward. Last year, in 18 games with the Boston Bruins after the trade, he recorded 4 goals and 8 points, and added two more goals in the playoffs. 

A similar fate awaits him at the Trade Deadline...