Trade Rumors : Wings forward asked for a trade

New player on the trade list and NO it's not Tatar and Nyquist.

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Many rumors are heading to the market and to be fair few of them are pointing into the Detroit Red Wings direction.

You've probably already heard Tatar and Nysquist names among the players that might move by march 1st. Well, it seems that another player might hit the market and that's because he asked to. While the info was released a few weeks ago, new development occured as Helene St. James met Tomas Jurco.

According to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press, Tomas Jurco resquested a trade from the Red Wings earlier this season. "I think most important for me is to maybe make some points, because I don’t think playing good is going to keep me in the lineup. When I have played before, and then Blash told me I was playing good and, the next day, I was scratched. So, I think I need some points" said Turco when met by St. James.