Trade scenario emerges to get Matt Murray out of Toronto at the draft!  

Trade scenario emerges to get Matt Murray out of Toronto at the draft!

The Maple Leafs have three options when it comes to parting ways with the goalie and only one seems plausible.



It is almost set in stone that goalie Matt Murray has played his last game with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Therefore, insider Jonas Siegel of The Athletic explained what are the Maple Leafs’ options when it comes to moving the veteran goaltender. While the reporter does put down the idea of keeping Murray with the franchise, only to send him down to the AHL, he cannot imagine new GM Brad Treliving letting Murray chew up $3.5 million to play for the Marlies.

And so Siegel explored the ideas of a buyout or a trade. The former seems too costly for Toronto, who’s already tight on cash. And so, trade scenarios emerged with the idea that the Maple Leafs already pulled it off last season when they moved goalie Petr Mrazek to the Chicago Blackhawks for the mild cost of moving down 13 picks in the 2022 draft — from 25th to 38th.

Siegel proposes a trade with a suitor that would be willing to take on Murray’s contract: “Foist the last year of Murray’s deal on some team, likely one that’s rebuilding, for a draft pick of some kind, maybe even another swap.”

However, Siegel is well-aware that there is a bigger challenge when it comes to getting rid of Murray, who last summer rebuked a trade to Buffalo Sabres.

“For one thing, Murray has a 10-team no-trade clause. The pool of teams that might be interested in bringing him and his contract aboard figures to be small anyway. It might get even smaller if Murray’s veto power comes into play.

“Another potential problem on the trade front: Murray is owed $6 million in salary (and another $2 million from the Senators). That’s a lot of cash.”

Treliving sure has a tough challenge to tackle, on top of all the others in his first offseason at the helm of the Maple Leafs. Siegel offers up some teams that could be tempted to deal with Toronto : the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, the Blackhawks again and names the Sabres in case Murray changed his mind.

Siegel also points to the Pittsburgh Penguins and their new president Kyle Dubas, who decided to bring Murray on board in Toronto in the first blue. Though the insider doubts the former GM would make the same mistake twice.

“I mean, this one is almost too perfect isn’t it? Dubas, a true Murray believer, is now running the show in Pittsburgh. The Penguins might need another goalie with Tristan Jarry set to become a free agent. And of course, it was in Pittsburgh that Murray shined brightest, winning those two Cups. It would be rather ironic if Dubas squeezed an asset out of his old team to take on Murray. Or would he just, you know, take him as a favour? (Doubtful.) “

So, what will be the move with Murray?

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