Travis Dermott defies the National Hockey League on Saturday.

Travis Dermott defies the National Hockey League on Saturday.

Travis Dermott risks disciplinary action in defiance of the NHL on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

The debate surrounding the use of Pride tape in the National Hockey League has been quite the topic of controversy over the last several weeks, with the NHL making the decision to officially ban its use on the ice.

There have been many questions regarding how players would respond to this ban, but on Saturday night Arizona Coyotes defenseman Travis Dermott made his personal feelings on the matter quite clear. In spite of the fact that he is risking disciplinary action from the NHL, Dermott has defied the ban on Pride tape and is using it during tonight's game between the aforementioned Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks.

It is unclear at this time if Dermott is doing so with, or without, approval from his coach or his team but what is clear is that Dermott doesn't intend to follow the NHL's guidelines on this matter.

Dermott is not using the tape on the blade of his stick but has instead used a small amount of it on the shaft of his stick, a small amount that has drawn a lot of attention from fans on social media. This may have been intended as a silent act of defiance on the part of Dermott, but with the amount of traction being gained on social media one has to wonder if the NHL might respond to the matter.