Travis Kelce wants to join the Blackhawks

Travis Kelce wants to join the Blackhawks

That could definitely push away the Perry chatter and get something else trending in Chicago!



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been making headlines on and off the football field. Usually, when he’s not getting all of the attention off the field it’s because of his his relationship with singer Taylor Swift, but now the Chicago Blackhawks and star rookie Connor Bedard got him trending.

On Wednesday, Travis Kelce confided during the “New Heights” podcast, which he hosts with his brother Jason, the center of the Philadelphia Eagles, that he absolutely loves watching Bedard on the ice even if he had to struggling to pronounce the name of the young Blackhawks forward.

“He’s like the Blackhawks rookie I was talking about, Connor “Bednard,” he said Wednesday. “Bendard”? I don’t even know how to say his last name. I just know I love watching that dude play hockey.”

Before attempting to say Bedard’s name, Travis Kelce even admitted he’d want to join the Blackhawks, stating that he would love to put on goalie pads for Chicago during one of the club’s practices, like what former New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski did back in May 2021 with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Moments later, the Blackhawks responded to him on X, formely known as Twitter, inviting him to come to the ice:

“Our house is yours! And you can just call him ‘Bedsy’ [for Connor Bedard],” the team responded.

It’s been well-known around the NHL that Travis Kelce is a long-time Blackhawks fan. It was recently proven when a post from 2014, in which Kelce wrote that he was a Blackhawks fan, trended again.

Chicago then responded to the post with a picture of a Blackhawks jersey with Kelce’s No. “87” on it and wrote “we’ve got a blank space on this jersey to write your name.”

This certainly looks good for Travis and his chances to join the Blackhawks, at least for one practice.

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