TRENDING: Logo Stirring Up Controversy

Controversy trending on social media.

TRENDING: Logo Stirring Up Controversy

The Chicago Blackhawks logo has always been a cause for controversy as some groups claim that it is offensive to Native Americans and their culture.

In 2015 a man by the name of Mike Ivall designed a culturally appropriate version of the Blackhawks logo in an attempt to sway people into understanding the values of Native Americans and perhaps replace the current design which is deemed culturally insensitive.

This is old news as the logo was designed almost a year ago and the rights to the design have already been sold to a Ottawa-based AAA Hockey team, the Maplesoft Hawks.

For some reason the story is trending on social media for the past week perhaps to commemorate the efforts made or as a way to remind people that the logo in itself is still considered inappropriate by many.

Maybe one day the logo will be changed in an attempt to resolve these issues, but it seems unlikely since the trademark logo has been around since the dawn of the Blackhawks as a NHL team.

Take a look at the design below: