Trevor Zegras criticizes Team Canada’s Michigan attempts at WJC

Trevor Zegras criticizes Team Canada’s Michigan attempts at WJC

Hear what the master of the Michigan had to say:



The Michigan goal remains highly controversial in the National Hockey League, everyone knows that Anaheim Ducks’ Trevor Zegras is the best at pulling off the jaw-dropping move.

Last season, he with several “Michigan’s” last season, including a “Michigan assist” that was trending for days on social media.

Earlier this month, he became the first NHL player to have a “Recalled Michigan” to his repertoire when his teammate Dmitry Kulikov was offside to get the impressive goal disallowed.

This did not stop Zegras from commenting on players on Team Canada currently attempting to pull off the Michigan at the World Juniors championship. Both Michigan Wolverines freshman Adam Fantilli and Regina Pats captain Connor Bedard each tried to score lacrosse-style goals in the first period of a contest Canada ended up losing 5-2.

During the game against Czechia on Monday, Team Canada attempted to pull the move Zegras has perfected, he who is known to effortlessly picking up a rolling puck onto his stick before cruising around the back fn his opponent’s net and stuffing it top-shelf.

The Canadian players have failed and Zegrad told the Orange County Register what they’re doing wrong.

“I think they’ve got to pick it up a little bit quicker. I think they’re making it too obvious. A little more discreet, maybe a little quicker.”

Bedard and Fantilli have both scored on the lacrosse move before. Bedard did it in spring hockey while Fantilli executed it in the USHL.

But maybe they should follow Zegras’ advice if they’re going to attempt it again, maybe even tonight when facing Team Germany. However, Arizona Coyotes winger Dylan Guenther told TSN’s Mark Masters the plan was not to ‘Michigan’ our way to the finals.”

“We’re trying it a lot. It’s a skilled play, I get it, but I think that’s how our game’s going right now. We’re trying to skill our way through it. We’re trying to toe-drag and beat guys 1-on-1 and to win you have to play the right way, play together and play as a team.”

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Source: OC Register