Trevor Zegras roasts Mullet Arena ahead of Saturday's game.

Trevor Zegras roasts Mullet Arena ahead of Saturday's game.

The star of the Anaheim Ducks was asked to share his feelings on Mullet Arena and he did not disappoint.

Jonathan Larivee

When it comes to criticism of the Arizona Coyotes' home facility there has surprisingly been relatively little criticism forthcoming from players around the National Hockey League. So much so that you might be led to believe that this has been done by design.

Well on Saturday afternoon, Anaheim Ducks star forward Trevor Zegras let the mask slip a little when he was hit with a surprise question about Mullet Arena and how he feels about playing there. To his credit, Zegras was able to quickly compose himself and provided a rather generic answer but his body language spoke the words that his mouth could not.

"It's great," said Zegras after stopping himself from laughing and giving the camera a rather sarcastic-looking stare.

Zegras is a player that shows quite a bit more personality than your typical NHL player and that isn't something that everyone is a fan of, but I think even Zegras' harshest critics will be a little understanding of his reaction to the question on Saturday.