Tribute leaves Jonathan Quick in tears in return to L.A.

Tribute leaves Jonathan Quick in tears in return to L.A.

It was an emotional moment for veteran NHL goaltender Jonathan Quick on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

It was a special night for New York Rangers goaltender Jonathan Quick on Saturday night, and much to their credit the Los Angeles Kings did everything they could to make it as special as possible.

Quick and the Rangers traveled to Los Angeles on Saturday night where they took on Quick's former team, the team with which he established himself as a Hall of Fame worthy goaltender, the Los Angeles Kings.

Everyone knew that it would be a big night for Quick in his return to L.A., but I don't think anyone could have predicted the emotional response that we would get from Quick as the Kings paid tribute to his incredible career with the franchise. The Kings put together an extremely classy tribute that lasted roughly two minutes in length, and by the end of it all you could see clearly that Quick was overcome by the emotions coursing through his body.

The fans in L.A. certainly did their part by showering Quick with love and praise as his accolades were being listed off, no doubt a major contributing factor in the emotion we saw from Quick. If anything though that only caused the cheers to get even louder, a truly unforgettable moment for both Quick himself and everyone who was in attendance or watching at home on television.