Tribute to legendary voice of hockey Bob Cole.

Tribute to legendary voice of hockey Bob Cole.

Legendary voice of Hockey Night in Canada Bob Cole receives a beautiful tribute on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

There will never be another Bob Cole.

The hockey world is in mourning this week after the passing of the legendary voice of hockey was announced, but I am happy to say that the outpouring of love and kindness that has followed that tragic news has been nothing short of uplifting. Fans, pundits and players from every corner of the globe have come out to share their favorite moments from Cole's incredible broadcasting career, and they will likely be doing so for many, many more years to come.

Although the passing of Bob Cole is a terrible blow to the hockey world, it will do nothing to diminish the incredible mark he left on the sport and the incredible legacy that he leaves behind. Regarded as one of the very best sports broadcasters of all time, I daresay that Cole will be remembered fondly by many fans, including myself, for as long as we live.

On Saturday, the crew at Hockey Night in Canada released a beautiful 5 minute tribute video celebrating Bob Cole's incredible career and that incredible legacy I mentioned, a fitting tribute to such a titan of the sport.

I hope you're ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, there won't be many dry eyes after this one.