Trotz will never let go of game 7 crushing loss.

You can feel his pain.

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The Capitals' loss to the Penguins on game 7 is still fresh in everyone's memory. This legendary series between the two teams will be remembered among one of the most exciting round 2 matchup in recent memories, and for good cause. 

Most sport psychologists will tell their athletes that the best way to get over a tough loss is to focus on the future and what's ahead in your career. However, it seems coach Barry Trotz didn't get that memo. 

In a way, it's actually pretty smart to never try to get over such a crushing loss. When you forget your worst mistakes and shortfalls, you can also forget what you did wrong and how you could grow to become better. Trotz's team is plagued with a bad reputation when the Playoffs come and this fresh defeat could very well be a spark for the years to come.