Trouba and Meier embrace in handshake line after HUGE open ice hit

Trouba and Meier embrace in handshake line after HUGE open ice hit

Now that's sportsmanship right there!



UPDATE 2: Jacob Trouba and Timo Meier had a nice embrace in the handshake lineup. It appears that Meier can appreciate a good, old fashioned open ice hit... even if some soft fans out there think it was illegal.

That's sportsmanship, right there!

Read below for our earlier reports on this game, as it played out.

UPDATE: The Rangers have some life and it's thanks mostly to captain Jacob Trouba.

Trouba absolutely CRUSHED Devils forward Timo Meier with an open ice hit that sent Meier to the Twilight Zone.

Check it out:

Keep your head up!

No call on the play, just good fashioned, old time hockey!

For our earlier report on this game, read below.

Through 40 minutes of play in Game 7 between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils and... well.. let's just say that things aren't getting any better for the Blueshirts in this series.

The Devils are currently riding a pretty healthy 2-0 score and could have a few more if it weren't for Rangers netminder Igor Shesterkin.

Here are the two goals for the Devils this evening:

This building is absolutely BUZZING and Devils goalie Akira Schmid does not look like he's going to give up much tonight. Better take control in the 3rd, Rangers... or it's all over.

Source: Brady Trettenero