Troubling update on Shane Pinto contract negotiations.
Frank Gunn/Canadian Press  

Troubling update on Shane Pinto contract negotiations.

For the first time it sounds like Shane Pinto could soon be playing for a different team.

Jonathan Larivee

It's hard to believe that we have reached the 22nd of October and Ottawa Senators restricted free agent Shane Pinto still remains unsigned. The 22 year old centerman proved himself a valuable contributor to the Senators offense last season with 20 goals and 15 assists for 35 points in an 82 game season, but in spite of his efforts on the ice Senators general manager Pierre Dorion did not see fit to award him a new contract in time for the regular season.

In spite of the ugly situation in Ottawa at no point has there been any indication that the two sides would be unable to come to some type of resolution that would end with Pinto playing for the Senators this season, at least not until this weekend. Now, 5 games into the regular season, we are hearing for the first time that this could very well end without a new contract for Pinto in Ottawa and that would be a disaster for the Senators. A disaster created entirely by the cap management of Senators general manager Pierre Dorion.

On Saturday, during an intermission during the game between the Senators and Detroit Red Wings, Senators insider Bruce Garrioch revealed that this could end without a new deal for Pinto.

"I think we will get clarity on the Shane Pinto situation in the next few days...I am not convinced it will be a contract extension," said Garrioch during the intermission.

You have to wonder where this information is coming from but either answer points to bad signs for the Senators as far as Pinto is concerned. If the source is a frustrated Shane Pinto it could be an indication that he will seek a trade sooner rather than later, and if not it could be yet another attempt on the part of Pierre Dorion to play hardball with his restricted free agent forward.

The one thing that is certain is that this process has dragged out far too long now, and tensions may be rising as a result of the extended delay in finding a new deal for Pinto. Fans certainly aren't happy about it and many on social media have called for Pierre Dorion to be fired over this before Shane Pinto is traded: