Troubling updates from Flames practice today.

Is this how your team reacts when down 0-3?

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The Calgary Flames have had a rough time in their opening round with the Anaheim Ducks and now find themselves down 0-3 in the series as a result. 

As a result, many expect the Flames to redouble their efforts as they prepare for Game 4, and more importantly prepare to fight off potential elimination from the playoffs, however it doesn't seem like the majority of the Flames roster is doing that.

Flames beat reporter Kristen Odland initially reported that no one was on the ice for a Flames practice that was expected to begin at 11:30 this morning, and that report was followed by another from Wes Gilbertson that indicated only 3 goalies and 5 skaters made it out for the practice. 

While everyone is entitled to a day off, taking such a day when you're down 0-3 in the series may not sit well with the more frustrated segments of your fanbase.