Trump protestors vandalize statue of Hall of Famer Quinn?

This is disgusting. What is WRONG with some people?

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The statue outside of Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver memorializing legendary Vancouver Canucks executive and head coach Pat Quinn has been vandalized and online suspicion is that whomever defaced the statue did so in some sort of weird protest against American President Donald Trump.

You see, the face of Quinn’s statue was spray pointed orange, a color that people attribute to Trump given his spray tan complexion. This has led people online, mostly on Twitter, to again speculate that Quinn’s statue was defaced by Trump protestors. I mean… did they really mistake Pat Quinn for Donald Trump? That seems like a bit of a stretch… but we’ll let you determine for yourself:

Regardless of why this was done, it’s clear that whoever is responsible is nothing more than a low life vandal with nothing better to do with their time. I mean, seriously… who goes around spray painting statues of local legends? Get a life…

Quinn, known around the NHL as The Big Irishman, played just eight seasons in the NHL, but had a coaching and executive career that spanned decades. He’s a franchise icon in Vancouver from his time with the Vancouver Canucks, as a player, a coach and a general manager. He led the Canucks to the 1994 Stanley Cup Final and was the man behind the acquisition of franchise leaders Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure and Kirk McLean, among others. To see his statue defaced in the city of Vancouver is tantamount to sacrilege.