TSN’s all-time Leafs team triggers angry Leafs fans

An absolute joke! Do these guys even watch the damn sport?!

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Let’s face it… we’re all desperate for some hockey. 

I’m about one poor decision away from watching NHL 20 Twitch streams online… that’s how badly I need some damn hockey in my life.

Thankfully, Canadian broadcasters like TSN and Sportsnet are doing their best to keep hockey fans fed with classic games, age old debates and the like. Speaking of debates… 

TSN has launched a series that they call the All-Time 7 Project in which they create “all-time” rosters for each of the seven Canadian teams. So far TSN has covered the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers. Check out their squads below:

Today TSN put out its all-time Toronto Maple Leafs roster and… well there was one GLARING omission. 

Check it out:

Umm... ever head of DARRYL FREAKING SITTLER!?!?!?!?!

I mean... he's only second all-time in franchise scoring. Are you freaking kidding me, TSN!?!

Look, no offense to the players selected. They're obviously all incredibly accomplished players in their own right. But... Auston Matthews over Darryl Sittler? WTF!?