TSN’s Bob McKenzie comments Kypreos’ departure from Sportsnet!

Could he join the TSN crew?

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Sportsnet made some more cuts on Wednesday as longtime NHL insider Nick Kypreos parted ways with Rogers owned broadcaster Sportsnet. Kypreos made the announcement himself, issuing a statement on Twitter earlier today. 

Kypreos has been with Sportsnet since the company’s inception back in 1998. He was instrumental in helping the network gain legitimacy in its early days and has been Sportsnet’s biggest insider for over two decades.

He was a regular on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central radio show and a panelist on Rogers branded broadcasts like CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

Later on Wednesday, TSN’s Bob McKenzie replied to his post with a touching message filled with nostalgia. The insider almost hinted at a possible reunion with Kyper, writing: “Lots of great times over the years; I’m sure there will be plenty more.”

For the summer, McKenzie uses the name Bobby Margarita on Twitter. 

Who knows if this means Kyper could be on his way to TSN? As of now, we only know it is the end of an era for Sportsnet. 

What do you think is next for Kypreos?