Twenty years ago today the Canucks signed Mark Messier

Vancouver's most infamous signing happened two decades ago, has enough time passed to get over it?

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That's right, it's been two decades since the Vancouver Canucks signed Mark Messier.

And as far as most self respecting Cancucks fans are concerned, it hasn't been nearly long enough to wash the bitter taste away.

Messier played three seasons for Vancouver, miserable seasons. The Canucks had a losing record, missing the playoffs every season during Messier's tenure. That wasn't the return the organization was looking for when they signed him to that monstrous five year deal.

Across 207 games as a Canuck, Messier managed 52 goals and 162 points. The team used an option in his contract to buy him out for $2 million following the dismal 1999-2000 season.

But the story didn't end there. Apparently Messier had a clause in his contract that entitled him to further compensation if the Canucks franchise grew over the length of his deal. It did, and Messier wanted his cut. A legal battle ensued, only ending in 2012 when Messier was awarded a $6-million settlement. 

The Canucks, NHL and NHLPA never commented on that settlement, but the fans certainly have.

To say there is no love lost for Messier in Vancouver would be a understatement to say the least. However much blame you want to put on him for the Canucks' struggles during his time in Vancouver, the fact is that the team did not perform while he was playing for them.

They say time heals all wounds. It's been twenty years Canucks fans, feel any better about the Messier mess?