Two big line up updates for Game 6 between the Sharks and Avalanche.

Tough break for the Avs.

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There is no way of knowing who will emerge victorious in Game 6 this evening between the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche, but it appears the hockey gods may be tipping the scales slightly in favor of the Sharks this evening. 

There have been two big line up updates head of tonight's contest, one from each of the teams that will be competing, and both of them seemingly bode well for the San Jose Sharks. The first was a report from TSN National Hockey League insider Pierre LeBrun who has reportedly been informed that Colorado Avalanche veteran forward Matt Calvert will be unable to compete in Game 6 for the Avs. LeBrun's source for this is Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar himself so there is no doubt that Calvert has been 100% ruled out.

That on it's own would be a tough break for the Avalanche but, on top of the Calvert update, the Sharks had an update of their own. For the Sharks however it was some extremely good news as San Jose Sharks forward Joe Pavelski was spotted on the ice at today's morning practice for the Sharks. Of course this is not an official update that would suggest Pavelski will absolutely be ready to go in Game 6. That being said though if the man is warming up with his teammates ahead of Game 6 you would expect that it will take a doctor's intervention or an act of god to prevent Pavelski from rejoining the Sharks line up this evening.

I must admit I am a little bit conflicted about this one. I have no doubt that the Sharks will be looking after the well being of Pavelski but, after watching him bleed from his head in Game 7 against the Golden Knights, I have my concerns about him getting back in there so soon after the injury. I am of course just reacting to how horrific of a scene it was when Pavelski was injured against the Golden Knights and no doubt doctors will have given him a thorough evaluation before giving him the green light if he does play tonight. 

Looks like it might be a bit of an uphill battle for the Avalanche this evening.